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All About Ferretti Yacht Selection for Charter

Ferretti Yacht Selection - Brand

About Ferretti Yachts Brand

Founded in 1968, Ferretti was soon listed among the world's most prestigious shipyards. Its first motor yacht was presented in 1982 and sport fisherman open and flybridge models were built. Over the years, the company expanded to encompass its current range, renewing it with state-of-the-art design solutions.


Ferretti Yacht Selection - Motor Yachts

Ferretti Charter Motor Yachts

Ferretti motor yacht charter includes high quality, great performance, high-tech motor yachts boasting innovative design and great comfort. Ferretti Yacht Selection includes the following divisions of the Ferretti Group: Ferretti Yachts, CRN Yachts, The Custom Line, Pershing, Itama, Bertram, Riva Yachts and Mochi Craft.

Ferretti Yacht Selection - popular destinations

Popular Ferretti Yachts Charter Destinations

Hvar is a beautiful island in Croatia, famous for red wines produced from the indigenous Plavac Mali grape. Samos is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, home to Pythagoreion and the Heraion of Samos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Samian wine is very popular from the ancient times.

How to Select a Ferretti Yacht for Charter

Ferretti Yachts was founded in 1968 by Alessandro and Norberto Ferretti and is a division of the Ferretti Group, one of the leading Italian companies in the world producing stylish, modern and well designed luxury motor yachts and sport boats measuring from 7 to 85 meters in length. Ferretti Yacht Selection includes the motor yachts, especially luxury motor yachts - a perfect way to spend your sailing holiday.

Ferretti yacht charter boasts quality, high technology, top performance, exclusive and innovative design, great comfort and attention to details and constant product and process innovation as well as continuous technological research.

Ferretti Yacht Selection includes the following brands or divisions of the Ferretti Group, depending upon your wishes, needs or a number of persons sailing with you. The most famous among the yachtmen are Ferretti Yachtsflybridge motor yachts measuring 14 to 27 metres in length. If you prefer luxurious superyachts from 39 to 43 meters with 3 decks, or larger steel super yachts from 46 to 85 meters and up, CRN Yachts are great choice. The Custom Line yachts are somewhat smaller yachts, from 26 to 34 meters with two decks. If you and your company are more of sports persons, Pershing, high performance open style sport yachts from 14 to 35 meters are perfect for you, as well as Itama, open style motor yachts from 13 to 24 meters. If you are a smaller company and prefer smaller sport fisherman motor yachts, the American based Bertram Yachts, from 11 to 24 meters, are going to be your choice. Some other smaller yachts include Riva Yachts, classic inspired open and fly bridge motor yachts, 8 to 35 meters. Mochi Craft are classical lobster boats, from 13 to 23 meters, if you are more of a classical person going for "safe and sound" variant.

You can charter a Ferretti yacht crewed, skippered or bareboat in beautiful countries such as Greece, Italy, Croatia or Spain, Thailand, the Caribbean, Malta, Cuba, Seychelles or many more.